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In Dubai metropolitan city we are working in field of moving services in Dubai more than 10 years. It’s our record that we serve as movers and packers in Dubai more than 1000,000 clients throughout 10 years. This is main reason today we are getting most of the business from ours respected clients references. Once give one chance to A to Z movers and packers in Dubai then we will make it sure that we will stay in your mind for ever with pleasant smile.

v Bumper offer for our anniversary 10 January
With the blessing of almighty God we are celebrating ours 11th anniversary at 10th January.  First of all we are very thankful to our customers that they trust us and continue us as their movers and packers in Dubai. For us and ours honorable clients ours chairman announces bumper offer for clients as follow
Ø  40 % discount until 20 January 2019.
Ø  Re-opening of boxes is free until mention time.
Ø  Collectively clients will be invited to dinner at Ibrahimi hotel al karama if respected clients accept offer who booked us till 20 January 2019.
v Select your furniture movers in Dubai
First of all you should contact with different furniture movers in Dubai and make the write down the prices and final one which meets your requirement.
Keep remember to whom you select movers in Dubai before one weak.
More over couple of days before fix your prior moving time with your furniture movers in Dubai.
Check your utility bills should be clear as like DEWA, ETISALAST Phone etc.  before the moving date.
Check with your building management for permission to move in and out couple of days before. Here you have to prove them
Ø  Trade license copy of moving company
Ø   Moving company vehicle number
Ø  Moving company employers ID’s
Ø  Tenancy contract with EJARI
Ø  Tenant passport copy.

v Get hurry to book A to Z movers and packers in Dubai at +971556821424

Ø  It is very limited time to book us for your upcoming move with so pick up your phone and dial us for your booking.
Ø  For convenience of both of us (Client and A to Z movers Dubai) it is better to book us before seven days earlier to moving date.
Ø  Get from us advance boxes for your personal belongings after confirmation.
Ø  Call us for survey for both places (move in and move places) so that we can plan it smoothly.
If you want to discuss more then do not hesitate and mail us at or call us direct number +971556821424


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